With over 10 years experience in managing marketing activities for retail and FMCG clients and employers such as Minimax Discount, Rewe - XXL Mega Discount!, Kraft Foods, Topway, Xerox, Jim Beam and Philip Morris, Linda is fluent in German, English and Romanian. She also acts as FRD Center’s Business Development and Retail Manager, focusing on the German speaking business communities. With a BA in PR and Communication from the University of Bucharest, Linda was the PR Manager of Young & Rubicam/Team Advertising Bucharest between 1999 - 2003. In the last years, Linda recognized the exceptional potential retail has in a large market like Romania and she focused her attention on this sector, becoming initially a consultant with FRD Center. Linda also volunteers her extra-time as PR consultant for a series of cultural marketing programs of the "add" youth association - a team of enthusiastic professionals involved in linking & promoting young artists within the local business sector.