Over 18 years of experience in international trade and light industry sector, including textiles. Business education, specialization in Trade.

In 1991 enters the private sector, establishing a French Romanian joint venture, dealing with trade of goods, like FMCG, textiles, furniture and electronic appliances. In 1997 sets up her independent private company, specializing on import-export and consultancy of the Romanian market.

Since 1997 to date, she provided business assistance and support to numerous foreign companies interested to do business in the garments sector in Romania. Services included market opportunity assessment, identification of local partners for manufacturing and sector studies in the light industry sector, with a focus on textile garments, underwear and knitted products.

Developed a solid understanding and knowledge of the distribution channels and manufacturing in Romania, especially in the textile sector, with a focus on underwear.

Traveled extensively in European countries (France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria etc) and Japan for business and has a very good experience in fields like furniture and textiles.

Fluent in Romanian and English, also speaks French and Greek.

textiles consultant