Over 9 years of experience in the LPG field, starting from the position of small bulk area sales representative for Shell Gas Romania in the West part of the country in 1997, through the position of Autogas Sales Manager in 2000 and reaching the senior position of Autogas Country Sales Manager within Shell Gas Romania's management team, in 2003.

He started practically the autogas business in Shell Gas Romania, in 2000, acting also as a project manager, starting the Shell Gas Romania's autogas business from “greenfield”.

He has detailed and in depth overview of the Romanian LPG market, (cylinder, bulk and auto gas, businesses) know-how and also connections with relevant authorities in the LPG field in Romania.

Together with the Romanian autogas team, he was involved also acting as “best practice” and giving specialized expertise for Shell Gas autogas business in Bulgaria. As autogas manager conducted also a study for Shell Gas during 2002, regarding the Shell Gas's entry on Serbian LPG market.

Involved especially in sales and marketing, he has also economical and technical understanding of the LPG business. With a technical background, he was involved actively in the Romanian LPG Association, working with the association's technical commission, for elaborating the new national regulations regarding LPG in bulk and autogas.

Fluent in Romanian and English, also speaks German.

LPG & gas consultant